Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reesey Lynn

I know its been a while since my last post, but it has been pretty busy around here. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the family on November 11th. She is stunning, oh so sweet, and definitely my favorite new obsession. I had 2 fabulous Thanksgivings at the Washington's and at the Purdy's. I ate way too much and had a blast getting to be around so much family. It was a bit of an emotional holiday for me since the man I am most thankful for could not join us, but all in all it was pretty perfect. Now Christmas is just around the corner, and I have already started my Christmas shopping and have tons more to do.
I started subbing at the schools here in town around the 15th and have only had 2 days off so far. I am really enjoying it and it keeps me pretty busy. The kids crack me up, I guess I had forgotten what is was like to be that age. So far I have only done from 2nd to 8th grade and man is it weird. All of the kids think I'm in high school (one mom even thought I was a student at the Jr. High…Gee Thanks) lol, but I am loving it. So far PE is my favorite, but I have really enjoying each day.
I know I will regret telling y'all this, but it is pretty dang funny. I was subbing for PE and I decided it would be a good idea to help out one of the 5th grade teams during a kick ball game. I couldn't have been more wrong!!! When I got up to the plate, I kicked the ball with all of my might (I got a home run BTW) and I felt extreme pain in my leg. Turns out I pulled my hamstring and I couldn't walk without a limp for a few days. This happened almost 2 weeks ago and it still hurts to put pressure on lol. YES, I pulled my hamstring playing kickball with a bunch of 5th graders HA!!! Can you tell I haven't worked out in a while?
Here are a few pictures of the real reason I wanted to blog. This is our beautiful niece, Reese Lynn Purdy (she is named after me)… can you tell how honored I am? I tell everyone that is willing to listen :)

This was the first time I got to hold our little angel <3

Rylan's first time to hold his baby sister

Our gorgeous girl :)

Don't you just love all of her bows? ;)

Before I go, here is some info on Eric. Mark, Lynda, and I got to Skype with him 4 days ago and he filled us in as much as he could. This was the first time he and his parents had actually gotten to talk. He told us that he did get some turkey on Thanksgiving and it wasn't very good lol, but he got some ham too (it was even worse than the turkey), poor Eric. They have been keeping him pretty busy, so he doesn't have much time to talk lately. All he wants for Christmas is a camera, so his mom and I are on top of that. Hopefully we will get some cool pictures that I can post when he gets back. He guarantees me that he is safe and hasn't seen any action yet, so keep your fingers crossed and hope that doesn't change :) I wish I had a better update, but he doesn't send me many details :(
Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We are so blessed and Thankful to have all of you loving and supporting us.

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  1. Love this post. We are so thankful that you are here with us right now and we are loving every minute of it! We love you.