Thursday, May 20, 2010

This past month

It has been FOREVER since we blogged. I'm pretty sure we might be the worst bloggers in the world lol. We have had a lot of things going on this past month. To start off, Eric finally turned 21! haha. We went to the gaslamp district in San Diego and had a blast. We ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was delicious and fun. We went to the house of blues, a few other bars, and a club opening (we got to cut in line everywhere :) lol) Our favorite was probably Double Duece. They had a mechanical bull and it was hysterical watching everyone ride it. Sadly I couldn't convince Eric to ride, but it was still a lot of fun. We stayed at the Sheraton and had a beautiful view of the marina and we were just minutes away from everything we needed.
There was also another big celebration in our family this month. Our little nephew Rylan turned one! Eric was not able to go to the birthday party because of work :( but there was no way that was going to stop me from going. Kayla had no idea I was coming. I may have told a little white lie to make her belive I couldn't be there lol. There were defenitely some tears when I got there. We all had a blast that weekend. We went swimming, ate some amazing food, got to see the Rylanator walk, and just enjoyed being around family. He got tons of presents and more love than any baby could ask for lol.
One last thing we got to celebrate this month was Cooper signing with the Oklahoma Sooners. The family is estatic and Cooper couldn't be more excited. We love googleing his name and reading all of the wonderful things people have to say about him.
Other than that we have been working and hanging out with our friends. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with cheap margaritas lol and we had a Beach BBQ saturday. Work has been going really well for both of us. The family I work for is going on a cruise next week so I have the week off YAY! :) Eric is supposed to leave June 11th :( so he is starting to get things ready for that. They say he will be back Sept. 3rd so lets keep our fingers crossed. The days change all the time so there are no guarantees yet.
Thats pretty much everything that has been going on recently. Love and Miss yall!!!