Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Sweet Aunt Judy!!!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had a fantastic holiday, I got way too much and I got to skype with my sweet husband for 2 hours and 38 sec. (Yes I counted every second lol and it was by far the best gift I got). I got to have 5 different Christmases this year and each one of them was truly something special, but this post is not about those Christmases. This post is about one special lady who gave me a truly incredible gift tonight.
I know the majority of you don't know who Aunt Judy is, but I would like to tell you about her anyway. Aunt Judy is Tyson's (my brother-in-law) aunt and one of the most creative and remarkable women I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have seen all of the incredible things she has made for my beautiful nephew and niece, little did I know that I would be as lucky as them and receive a special hand made gift from her. Not only can she make pretty much anything with her hands, she can also cook like nobody's business and travels all over the world and tells the most amazing stories from her journeys. If you are ever traveling to a new place, this is the lady to talk to. She can tell you all of the best restaurants, hotels, and shows to visit while there :)
Ok, I got off track a little bit lol. I got a gift tonight from Aunt Judy and it is a hand made quilt she wanted me to have to keep me warm while Eric is away <----- insert tears here (Yes I bawled when I got it). She has been working on it for an entire year and finished it last night. She said, "You can pretend these are Eric's arms holding you and keeping you warm until he returns home". It is truly the most incredible, heart felt, and beautiful gift I have ever received. To think, a women like this cares so much about me and what I am going through. I have never been so touched in my life. The only negative thing about it is, Eric's gonna be mad when I continue to sleep with it every night and there is no room on the bed for him HAHA ;) I just wanted to thank you again Aunt Judy, it means the world to me and I can't even begin to express how breathtaking it is that you did something like this for me. You really tugged at my heart strings tonight and it is something I will NEVER forget. I swear, I could just go on and on about how special Aunt Judy is to me and my family, but now I'll let her work do the explaining ;) Here are a few pictures I took, but no picture in the world could ever do it justice, it is just too divine...

Isn't it one of the most Gorgeous things you have ever seen??? :)

She said the snowman can be Eric and to pretend its his arms keeping me warm :')

Remember, this was entirely hand made and took her a year to make!!!

Like I said, no picture can do it justice, but you can still see how truly beautiful it is :)

Click on the pictures to view them better, the detail is just amazing!

Thank you so so Much Aunt Judy, I can't wait to use it tonight and I can't wait for Eric to see it, I know he will appreciate it as much as I do. You are so incredibly talented and wonderful, and I know I will never be able to find another woman like you. Love you!

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  1. What a beautifully kind, heartfelt gift. Aunt Judy is amazing and so is the quilt, the pictures don't do it justice. Kyra you are pretty amazing yourself sister. I am proud of you and your strength, I admire you and how humbly you are taking this deployment. Beautiful women just run in my family.