Monday, September 27, 2010

One amazing year together :)

September 6th was our One Year Anniversary! The first thing we did when we got up was eat breakfast and pop in our wedding video :) Yes I know it's cheesy but, it was fun to relive the perfect day lol. After that we went out for lunch and to the pet store to look at puppies lol. I tried to convince Eric we needed another one but, it didn't happen haha. We had to rush home so I could start getting ready for the evening. Eric was very secretive and wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing. So I got ready with out a clue of what to wear ( NOT COOL) haha. So we hit the road to San Diego. We pulled up to the harbor and started walking towards a big ship :) We were going on a dinner dance cruise for the next 3 hours. I started towards the ship and realized that the ramp I had to walk on was almost vertical lol it didn't work so well in my 4 inch heels, it was a pretty funny sight watching me try to climb up that thing lol. Once we got on we got escorted to our table. Eric got us a special table with decorations and an amazing view ( I felt very special ) He also got us a bottle of champagne for our table and truffles on our plates :) They served us a five course meal and each course got better and better. After dessert the music started playing and everyone started to dance. The DJ announced that it was our anniversary and started playing our song. I was very surprised because most people around here have never heard Texas Country lol, that's when Eric told me that he called ahead to make sure they had our song :) It was very romantic and so much fun. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones 2 stepping lol but we had a wonderful time. The food was amazing, the dancing was great, and the sights we saw were beautiful. It was truly a perfect end to a fabulous day. Eric outdid himself to make it a night I'll never forget.
One down, 99 to go lol ;)
Love and miss you all,
Eric and Kyra

Sweet Sweet September!!!

On September 1st my sweet Husband finally came home to me. I don't think I got a minute of sleep the night before he got home. The tanks left the ship at 1 to head back to shore. We weren't supposed to go to base until around 4 to see them because they had to clean all the tanks before they could come see us ( I don't understand why they wanted to torture us like that lol) i just figured 3 months was long enough. Well I left our apartment around 12:30 so I could go watch them drive up. Needless to say, I was a little anxious to see my husband. I got there way too early because as you know, the military is very rarely on time lol. I had to sit in my car forever but, it was well worth it when I saw that first tank round the corner to pull in. Yes I started crying right away but, it only lasted a few minutes lol. After they finally pulled in, they went to the cleaning station and got to work. Me and 2 other girls decided to stand and watch them clean behind the gate instead of going to the grounds where everyone else was at. It was fun trying to spot our husbands in a sea of marines that are all wearing the exact same thing. Every little glimpse we got just made us that much more excited. it wasn't too hard to spot Eric, he was pretty much the only one with glowing hair lol. After standing there for about 3 hours they finally started to make their way towards the gate. At this moment I had chill bumps and tears in my eyes. It was like a movie when we finally saw each other, I sprinted up to the gate ( in my dress and heels I might add lol) and he ran up to me, dropped his bags, and picked my up off the ground. I swear I didn't let go for like 30 minutes lol.
That day was truly one off the best days of my life and nothing could ever top that moment when I finally got to hold him again.
Love and miss you all,


Hello everyone,
I know I know, it's been months since our last blog. I'm sorry, my life just didn't seem as interesting while Eric was gone so I didn't feel like updating lol but, my sister informed me today that I should start writing again :) so here it goes.
I guess I'll sum up the three months I was alone to start. The month of June was very difficult for me and also pretty boring so I won't bore you with that. When July came around things got much better. My momma finally came out for a visit and we had a blast. We did lots of shopping, went to the beach on the 4th and had a BBQ with some of my friends that night. We got to watch some amazing fireworks and ate some great food. Then we did some more shopping lol. One day we up and decided that we wanted to go to VEGAS :) (luckily it's only a few hours a way) so we loaded up and hit the road. We did lots of gambling and lost some money lol but it was a great time. I finally got my momma to drink a little but, she still didn't have near as much fun as me haha. She got to stay for 10 days and it was truly a blessing to have her here with me. About 2 weeks later my friend Rachel came to visit for a week. We went to the zoo, the beach, did more shopping lol, went to a pirate themed birthday party, and ate out A LOT :). At the end of August I decided to hit the road and go to Texas. I stopped in the lovely town of Muleshoe first. I got to see my wonderful in laws for a few days and I got to see some old friends. While I was there I ate at the amazing Leals 3 times (I know your jealous) Kaydence went with me and I discovered she is the worst car partner ever. She just slept the entire time and didn't keep me company lol. I think Mark likes her more than me lol he was so excited to see her, and hated to tell her goodbye lol. Kaydence didn't know what to think of uncle Cooper. He sounds just like Eric only he's twice his size lol and it really freaked her out. After I left the Washington's I headed to Lubbock to see my brothers. I took them out for lunch and later that night we went out dancing. We had a blast!!! The next day I got to see my Aunt Nancy, Uncle john, and my cousin Bayli. Kolby and I met them for lunch and had a wonderful time catching up. After that I got on the road to Lampasas to see my momma, sister Kayla, brother Tyson, and my favorite little man in the world, The Rylanator. There are no words to express how cute this little fart is. We went shopping AGAIN lol, watched some movies, played a little poker, and just enjoyed being with each other. Rylan is the most entertaining thing in the world lol. He makes animal noises, plays tag ( but only if you chase him lol) he loves bath time, he'll give you kisses, he steals big boy hats and tries to wear them lol, and so much more. After Lampasas I loaded up again and went to San Antonio. We took Rylan to a safari, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. We got to feed a buffalo and Rylan freaked when he touched it's tongue lol. The zebras pretty much attacked us, they kept putting they're heads in our window to get food and just when we thought we got rid of them, they would pop up behind us lol. We saw some amazing animals and Rylans favorites were the ducks and the goats lol. He quacked at the ducks and chased all the little goats around. We also went to the park to have a picnic, play on the jungle gym, and feed the ducks. Rylan liked to eat the bread himself instead of give it to the ducks haha. On the 29th it was time for me to head back home :( I was sad to leave my family but, I couldn't wait to see Eric again. I packed up my bags and hit the road back to California. I got home around midnight after 21 hours of driving ( yep I drove the entire way without stopping) I only had a couple of days to get things ready for Eric :)
I'm sorry this was so long but, I had a pretty exciting three months lol
Love and miss you all,