Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To: Get out of a speeding ticket :)

On Tuesday morning I headed to Lubbock with my girls (Dot and Kaydence) because Eric and I decided it was time to get them fixed :(. I had to be there no later than 9am and I pulled into the clinic around 8:30. It took about an hour to fill out the paper work and get them checked in. 10:00 comes around and my phone beeps. By now all of you know what this means :) Eric had commented on my facebook. After my heat stroke settled down, lol, I realize what Eric had just said. He said he could skype and wanted to know if I was near a computer. Usually I start to check my self in the mirror at this point and run for my computer, but this time was much different. I was in Shallowater and a good 50 minutes from my computer. I replied back "can you wait 35 minutes?" Haha as you can tell, I was in a HUGE hurry. Eric tells me that he might get kicked off of the internet and might not be able to skype when I get home. Well as soon as I read that, a flood of emotions hit me. We were commenting back and forth the entire way home so I was hopeful that he will still be able to skype with me. He told me be to be safe and not to hurry. YEA RIGHT!!! Once I get to Sudan, I am confident that I will get home in plenty of time to see my husband. I get about 2 miles outside of Muleshoe when I see the blue and red lights in my rearview mirror :( I was SO close but still SO far away (I finally truly understand that saying lol). Anyway, this poor cop had no idea that when he pulled me over, he would be the one to feel like a Jack@$$ lol. He comes up to my window and I was doing just fine until I had to speak. He says "you were going a little fast back there" (I was going about 85 lol) I just replied with "I know." Well, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, tears started rolling down my face. Let me tell you, these were no light tears either, these were full on bawling my eyes out, nose running, can't breath tears. This poor cop was very sweet and our conversation went a little like this…

Cop- Where are you heading?
Me- Home.
Cop- Where is home?
Me- Muleshoe.
Cop- Where are you coming from?
Me- Lubbock.
Cop- Can I ask you why you are so upset?
Me- I'm just trying to get home so I can skype with my husband.
Cop- Where is your husband ma'am?
Me- He's in Afghanistan
At this point the officer really starting rushing this process.
Cop- Well when does he get back?
Me- In April or May.
Now this is the funny part.
Cop- Alright, well you're only about 2 miles away so you're very close. Let me just go get your WARNING ma'am. (let me remind you that I was going about 85 haha)

The entire process took about 6 minutes lol and after I drove away, I felt absolutely terrible for the guy, but I did make it home in time to skype with Eric so I didn't feel too bad, plus it makes for a pretty funny story.
So, LADIES if you ever get pulled over, sob stories really do work ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The most wonderful invention EVER!!!

This morning I was getting ready for church when my phone beeped, this meant I had a facebook notification. Every single time my phone beeps at me, I get a little too excited and most of the time it isn't Eric sending me a message, but this morning was different. I hadn't heard from him since Thursday and I was starting to get worried. Everyone tells me "No news in good news" but those words still have not set in for me. I get a little freaked out when I don't hear from him, even if he just went to the grocery store lol. Anyway I am getting off subject. I checked my facebook and for once it was actually him :) For some reason when I see that I have a message or a comment from him, I get like a heat stroke and my heart starts racing and I get kind of sweaty (HAHA super attractive right?) Anyway, he had asked if I was near a computer, and I replied "Yes, just getting ready for church." About 10 minutes went by, and my phone beeped again. As I checked my facebook again, I saw the 3 most beautiful words I had ever seen in my life "GET ON SKYPE." I literally started shaking (and checking my hair and make up in the mirror lol). I FINALLY got to see and talk to my husband, and it was the best 29 minutes and 16 seconds of these past 2 weeks. I was almost late for church but, honestly I didn't care lol. When I got to church I was in a wonderful mood, the sermon was great, I got to see many people I haven't seen in years, and I was surrounded with love from every direction. Everything was perfect, that is until the end. Stacy Conner (the preacher) decided it would be a good idea to call me up to the front of the church and thank me for supporting such a wonderful man and to ask everyone to pray for our family and his safety while he is overseas. This was by far one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced; however, I ended up crying in front of my entire church family lol. It is so moving to have so many people supporting Eric and his family. I just want to thank everyone again for their prayers and support, and to let you all know how much we appreciate them. You are all such blessings in our lives, and I honestly don't think I could get through this without y'all.
OK on a different note. Here is a little update on Eric. He said he is doing just fine and he is adjusting pretty well. He has met some of the villagers and their children and he tells me they are all very nice so far. He says there are still sand storms all the time and he is down to 1 roommate. I guess the other one got moved to a different room. So the "cargo freight sized room" is a little better now lol. He says he gets bored a lot and has some kind of duty all the time. We figured out that the best time to talk for both of us is around 10am our time and 7pm his time. So now there are about 9 hours difference between us. He isn't able to tell me much about what he does, but he assures me he is safe right now (I don't think he would tell me otherwise lol). He tells me that the food there is awesome and that all of the people that work in the chow hall are from different countries, so all of the food they cook is very different from ours and he is loving it. That is pretty much all he is able to fill me in on right now, but I'll take what I can get :).
We love you all and thank you for your support.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello everyone,
It has been over a year since I have last blogged and I figured now would be the best time to get back at it. Well, Kayla decided now would be the best time lol. My lovely sister told me that I should start blogging as a way to vent and to let everyone know how Eric and I are doing during this deployment. I will be posting updates from Eric as I get them, how I am handling this change in my life, as well as how I am spending these long 6-7 months. LETS GET STARTED!!! :)
As most of you know, Eric deployed to Afghanistan on October 4th. As you know, we took many pictures. Some of which turned out really cute, and most that turned out really sad lol. This has by far been to hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life and I'm sure it isn't easy for Eric either. We have really had a ton of support from our loved ones and even from people we barley know. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words, their support, and most of all, their prayers. You have no idea how much we appreciate and need them. Here are a few pictures that i'm sure most of you have already seen, but I would like to post them for those of you that haven't.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day.

These are our 2 best friends Justin and Lindsey. We are very lucky to have them in our lives :)

I just love this picture of Eric!!!

There was lots and lots of hugging <3

Our "see you later's" (I hate saying goodbye) lasted a pretty long time

Lindsey and I watching them get on the bus :(

Momma took many pictures for us but I only wanted to post a few. Eric arrived safely to Afghanistan and we have realized that there is a 15 hour difference between us, so talking is tough because it is hard to catch each other, but we are adjusting. Eric has informed me that he would like a swiffer lol. He tells me that there has been nothing but rain and sand storms since he arrived. He likes his roommates (he has 2) and he says their rooms are like cargo freight boxes lol but they do have air conditioning. I don't know exactly what he is doing out there right now, but hopefully I will get an update soon.
I have been doing ok. I am living with The Purdy's in Muleshoe and Rylan is doing a pretty good job of keeping me entertained while Eric is away. I am surrounded by many of my loved ones and they have really been doing a fantastic job of supporting Eric and I as well as keeping me busy. Mark and Lynda are just 1.6 miles away (yes I checked lol) so I'm sure I will be seeing them often. Please just remember to keep all of us in your prayers and to pray for Eric's safety. Thank you all for your support!!!