Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reesey's Photo Session

This post will be pretty short, but I wanted to blog about a special gift that Reesey got from her Uncle Eric :) Before he left, we were out shopping and wanted to get his niece and nephew a little gift to remember him by. He ended up finding a cute little t-shirt for Rylan that said USMC, but Reesey was a bit more challenging. He has gotten Rylan a few USMC gifts over the past 2 years, and thought it would be just as easy to find cute stuff for Reese. Sadly, the only things he could find for baby girls all said stuff like "Daddy's USMC princess", "My daddy is my hero", etc. he was not able to find anything for her all day, so I came home empty handed for her :( A few days after I had returned to Muleshoe, Reese got a package in the mail from her Uncle Eric. Even though she hadn't arrived yet, he felt the need to get her a gift. Kayla and I both cried when we opened it and realized it was a special gift with a sweet card he had ordered just for his future niece. It finally fits her now (it is a size 3-6 month and our little Chunky Monkey finally fits into it). Kayla brought her to see me at work today and she had it on, so I felt the need to do a photo-op for her Uncle Eric to see how adorable she looks in it :)
It was incredibly hard to narrow down which ones we liked because she look so precious in it.

First, here is a picture of Rylan in an outfit Eric got him when he was 1 :)

Look how tiny he was :( The hiney on it said "Duty Calls" lol

Speaking of hiney's, here is Reesey's hiney in the onsie Eric got her…You'll see what I mean by "Chunky Monkey" haha

Look at those THUNDER THIGHS lol… The ruffles are digital camo just like Eric's uniform ;)

Here is the whole outfit he had made special just for his favorite niece ;)

Here is a better picture of the bow that came with it, notice the digital camo center ;)

Rylan wanted to join in lol

Here is the card he had sent with it. Pretty sweet Uncle if you ask me ;)

Now do you see why it made us cry. I had no idea he had gotten her a gift, let alone a hand made one. I can't wait for her to meet her Uncle Eric. I know we are all ready for him to come home. only 1 MORE MONTH BABY!!! :) :) :)

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  1. You two are the sweetest Aunt and Uncle. Our children are so lucky to have you in their lives.